The California K-12 Schools Recycling Challenge is an annual statewide program to generate enthusiasm for recycling and promote a healthy competition between schools and recycling coordinators.  We support the State of California’s goal of 75% diversion by 2020.
Overall Goals for California K-12 Schools Recycling Challenge:
1. Have a fair and friendly recycling competition.
2. Increase recycling participation by students, staff and community members.
3. Heighten awareness of schools’ waste management and recycling programs.
4. Have the competition serve as a catalyst for K-12 schools and/or school districts to build and expand waste reduction programs.
5. Organize this event successfully so it can be repeated and possibly expanded to other schools and states in the future.
The  competition is scheduled to run from February 1st through February 28th! Registration is now open! Take the Challenge![break]

Participants will be able to select one of three levels of participation through the Single Stream Mixed Recyclables, the Six Target Materials and Two Combined Organics and Dry Recyclables categories to encourage participation for those who may not be ready to submit full documentation of their diversion numbers.
To learn more about the structure of the competition and the various contests, please visit the Rules Section.
Because there is quite a bit of diversity in the availability of recycling programs and infrastructure for schools throughout the state, the contest will include 6 Targeted Material categories and 2 Combined Organics and Dry Recyclables categories for recycling:
1. Paper (magazines, books, white and mixed paper)
2. Cardboard
3. CRV Beverage Containers (bottles, cans, glass)

4. Scrap Metal

5. Milk and Juice Cartons
6. Food Service Organics (Compost)

7. Comingled/Single Stream Recycling

8. Total Combined Weight for Individual School

9. Total Combined Weight for School District


Keep America Beautiful Youth Advisory Council

Krysten Racs Krysten Racs, Los Angeles, California
Krysten, a senior, is her class president and yearbook editor. She was just recently awarded her Gold Award, the highest achievement in Girl Scouts, which she has been involved in for the past 12 years. She has also been a competitive club swimmer for the past 11 years, and swims for her high school team. Krysten is involved with the WESave Club, which encourages students to take action to improve their environment, by serving as a grant writer. She is currently researching eligibility requirements to pursue funding for a xeriscape garden that will also serve as a demonstration and education garden for the students, teachers, and community.
Connor Stack Connor Stack, Arrowhead, California
Connor, a senior, would rather be wandering his local forest trails than being indoors. This is his second year serving on Keep America Beautiful’s Youth Advisory Council. Spending nearly 1,000 hours over the past four years volunteering with a nonprofit organization called the Southern California Mountains Foundation, he leads local hikes, runs greenhouse operations, leads tree and grass planting projects, and mans a local forestry center teaching visitors about his local flora and fauna. He spent the summer of 2015 with the Student Conservation Association working on the Appalachian Trail.



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